A New Beginning
Coming to Springdale 2024
we want your input
We are so grateful for the opportunity to build within the Northern Cincinnati region. And now, we would love your help to complete the naming of Artisan Village together. We have three options to help localize the Village so that everyone will know it calls Springdale home. You can view each option and vote below.
  • Springdale Point pays homage to our city’s generations-long importance as a key trade route along the corridor between Cincinnati and Dayton. In the 1800s, early explorers traversed the route. A century later, tradespeople, merchants and entrepreneurs brought the area to life. Today, we believe our community can serve as a new beacon for all those who want to build, gather and create. A Point to start, to stop and to remember for people from all walks of life.
  • Springdale Station enables us to rewrite history. In the mid 19th century, the CH&D railroad redirected its route away from the village. Folklore has it that a farmer between Jones Station and Springdale refused to sell the CH&D the necessary right-of-way because he thought a railroad would disturb the peace of his sheep. Without a railroad station, Springdale began to lose its importance as an agricultural retail center, and it meant the end of Springdale as a post town, which translated into the closing of many of its taverns and inns. By bringing back the “Station,” we can bring a boost to our economic landscape that a sheep-lover overlooked nearly 200 years ago.
  • Springdale Trace remembers the earliest path that laid the foundation for our community. In the 1600s, present-day Springdale was home to the Miami Indians. They were the first people to carve an initial path through this area so they could hunt, farm and grow. It’s where they honored their traditions and their ancestors. That path was called the Miami Trace. It was a powerful and important point of passage that was respected by everyone who came through it. With the creation of Artisan Village, we believe Springdale will become that important point of passage once again, honoring the Trace that started it all.
Live, work, play, create

Artisan Village is the Northern Cincinnati region's most ambitious undertaking in decades. Following in the footsteps of Springdale, Ohio’s founding lineage of pioneers, builders and creators, The Village will be a place where everyone can visit, stay and call home.

Springdale was made up of farmers, merchants, mechanics, blacksmiths, cobblers, tailors, inventors and manufacturers. It was a true Artisan Village, where local meant
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